The Hotel “Bilogora” is a renovated and air-conditioned hotel with a three star rating. It is located in the centre of Grubišno Polje. It offers 24 rooms, restaurant, VIP salon, disco with live music and spacious summer terrace. Parking for guests has been secured in front of and behind the hotel building. A bank and an exchange office are located in close vicinity. The hotel will soon also offer accommodation for dogs.
A word from the owner
"Our hotel ‘Bilogora’ stands at the service of all business travellers conducting business in the Bjelovar-Bilogora County and hunters who come from afar to enjoy hunting on the southern slopes of Bilogora which is rich with a variety of wild game. Also, being a hotel in the centre of Grubišno Polje, we offer activities attractive to the local inhabitants, so that it is possible to organise celebrations of special events. For example we were hosts to the “Miss Tourism for Miss World” competition for the Bjelovar-Bilogora County which just goes to show that the hospitality and professionalism of our hotel staff will always be at hand to fulfil any and all needs of our guests.”
Address: N. Šubića Zrinskog 4, 43290 Grubišno Polje
Telephone: +385 43 448 077, Fax: +385 43 448 078


9 single bed rooms – 13 double bed rooms
2 three bed rooms